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Nonprofit DEFY

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Product Details

Our done for you solution can help you form your new nonprofit business the correct way, saving you time and money by avoiding costly errors.

Nonprofit DEFY takes the guesswork out of the nonprofit startup process, avoids delays, rejections, and other complications from misfiled paperwork and most importantly allows you to stay focused on serving your community.

Nonprofit DEFY takes care of the following details for one flat-fee:

  • We’ll create your corporate formation documents and file them with your state.
  • We'll create organizational bylaws that serve as both a legal document and a roadmap for your organization's actions.
  • We'll create an operating budget for your new nonprofit based on projected income and costs.
  • We'll do the work to get your required tax identification number.
  • We'll complete your tax exempt application with the IRS.
  • We file the state registration forms so that your charity can legally fundraise in your home state.


Nonprofit DEFY is only available to new nonprofits with no prior history.

Package Details. By purchasing this service client retains Nonprofitability to assist it with the formation of a new non-profit organization and Nonprofitability agrees to perform the following services for Client (“Nonprofit DEFY”):

Prepare and file Articles of Incorporation to form a non-stock corporation (“Non-Profit”); Prepare Non-Profit’s bylaws; Prepare Non-Profit’s initial organizational operating budget; Prepare and file Non-Profit’s IRS Form SS-4; Prepare and file Non-Profit’s IRS Form 1023 E-Z; and, Prepare and file Non-Profit’s State Charitable Solicitation Application.

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